Based on your preferences and the structure of your home, you can have your decks personalized. You’ll need to come up with a functional and beautiful deck. In this article, we will be discussing the major factors that you have to consider as you design a deck

Shape, design, and size  

Your deck’s design depends on your budget and location. The architecture of your house defines the shape of your deck. If you follow your home’s structure, it can make your deck appear like a natural extension and makes a perfect transition between outdoors and indoors. Together with the surrounding landscape, it will become more beautiful.  


In terms of decking materials, wood is the most used material. However, you should know that wood is not the only option you have. Weather-resistant woods like cedar, redwood, and cypress are prevalent among many property owners as well. To help you get a high-quality supply of pressure-treated and composite hardwood and woods, you should consult your local decking company.  


Your property’s size can determine your deck’s size and where it will be placed. The more area you have, the more options you have in terms of design. Another factor you need to consider in terms of size would be the shade and sun, the view, and the area’s climate. For example, you may need to place and construct your deck in your house’s spots with the most beautiful view.   


Try to know how your deck can add more convenience to your house and what you will use it for. Are you planning to use it as an outdoor kitchen? Or do you want to use it as a dining area? It’s important to have a deck with enough space for traffic pathways and activities. Imagine where you will place the appliances and furniture as well as the assigned activity spaces. Make room for coffee tables, dining tables, and chairs beside potted plants and lounge furniture.   

Set your budget  

As soon as you’ve determined your deck’s purpose and where you want to put it, you should now establish an allotted budget for your deck project. If you set a budget, it can help narrow down your decisions in deciding on a design and choosing materials. When you have a rough estimate of your budget but are still unsure what you can do with it, or when you precisely know what you want, but you don’t know how much it’ll cost, you can always ask an expert about that. An expert deck builder Wilmington NC may even provide you some tips to help you save money, like opting for a different material or altering the design.   

Other deck structures  

When the deck is more than a couple of feet from the ground, then you need railings. Also, think about incorporating a roof when the deck’s location is hot or sunny most of the time. You can also opt for a private screening if you want to get an added privacy when your deck is visible to your neighbors.