If you are not working in landscape, you might not be familiar with hardscaping Wilmington NC and what it is about. However, when it comes to landscape design, hardscape is nearly identical to what its name refers to—the “hard” landscape elements or the landscape’s non-plant elements.   

Hardscapes also include railings, steps, walkways, fire pits, fireplaces, decks, patios, and walls—which is anything that is not a plant. For most gardens and yards to be comfortable living spaces, another hardscape is required. But the hardscape does not need to be boring or humdrum. Listed below are the best hardscape features for your lawn.   


Awnings, garden arbors, pergolas, and canopies allow climbing plants to grow and shelter in outdoor living areas. Some of the most beautiful pergolas, patios, and courtyards in any garden include Swarthmore College at Scott Arboretum. Though those gardens are closest to large buildings, the hardscape can help connect the plants and build and form more intimate pedestrian spaces that can be inspiring to the property owner.   


Steps lead from one place of the garden to another. You can make steps out of banked grass, wood, bricks, pavers, or stone. You can incorporate steps in your new garden and make your visitors be in awe of this feature.    

Decks and patio  

Decks and patios do almost the same functions in the landscape. They are both open areas that usually hold furniture for enjoying and relaxing the garden. Commonly, a deck is an elevated structure made from composite or wood material. Usually, a patio is leveled to the ground and made from pavers, bricks, or stones.   

Hardscape types  

There are unlimited possibilities for adding hardscape yard features. Here are some of the types of hardscapes that you may want to try:  


Walls can hold soil across different landscape elevations or separate garden rooms. For instance, when your house is placed on top of the hill, and your yard slopes far from the house, down the walls, terraces, and hill can help add interest to the garden and shore up the bank.   


Walkways can be made of stones, pavers, wood, gravel, grass, herbs, or other materials. It’s important that you easily access the walkway to the people who usually use it. For example, if your elderly parents frequently visit you, you should not install an uneven surface.   

Fire pits  

Fire pits are getting more popular for the home landscape. You can invest in fire chimneys and copper dishes. However, when you frequently use the fire pit, building a fire pit into the garden is worth the expense and effort.  

Are you interested in building hardscapes for your property? If that’s the case, you need to make sure that your hardscapes are constructed by expert contractors who are skilled to perform these hardscapes so that you can guarantee that you will have well-constructed hardscapes that will add value to your home.